"All I want in life is a small unfair advantage."

Hank "Ace" Greenberg, former chairman of insurance giant AIG (NYSE:AIG), once said "All I want in life is a small unfair advantage." As it turns out, he had one - and it was a whopper. Do you have one? Yes, you do. But you may not be aware of it. Having the time, willingness, and ability to undertake complicated tax research and correctly applying it to your tax facts & circumstances is a true unfair advantage.
Unfortunately, very few investors are able to pull it off. The good news is that you don't have to. We are "Planners", not "Reporters", and strive to provide our clients with their own custom tax strategies.
Get started on your unfair advantage today,
Be A Planner. NP ROSS

Be A Planner.

Investors come to us for customized solutions to assist them with better understanding and objectively analyzing investment opportunities as they try to achieve higher returns with their family's financial resources. One way we do this is by utilizing what are often little understood strategies that provide tax savings which are then used to purchase assets that can increase in value and generate more income. Understanding how to create, maintain, and grow wealth is the essence of the Be A Planner mindset that we seek to instill in our clients.

When will your retirement money "afford" your desired "retirement" lifestyle?

Our 401 Math illustration will provide you with a side-by-side illustration of the projected, numerical outcomes for the ONLY 4 options investors have available under the tax code to "Self-direct" their retirement funds into real estate investments in a fashion that leverages 100% of their retirement capital including the interim investment income, and the exit/investment gains. We not only project the compounded value of your retirement capital and annual, after-tax retirement income, we numerically answer the question "When Can I Retire?". Using your definition of "Retirement", we show you when your money will afford your retirement lifestyle.

• Rollover to a Self-directed 401 Trust on a pre-tax basis.

• Rollover to a Self-directed IRA

• Rollover to a Self-directed 401 Trust on an after-tax or converted basis*.

• Liquidate your funds, paying applicable tax and penalties, if any.

*Note that this option involves a Roth component inside a Self-directed 401 Trust, rather than a Roth IRA. This is a critical distinction since a Roth IRA is subject to the UBIT/UDFT tax for leveraged real estate investments that does apply to the Roth 401. This is a substantial advantage for investing such funds in REPP investments. Further, the ability to execute a "MEGA" Back-door Roth contribution/conversion is a HUGE advantage for the Roth 401 compared to the much lower limit available for undertaking this strategy with a Roth IRA.

2X Retirements

Understanding the tax code sections that apply to each of these options will directly affect the amount of tax savings that may be leveraged over your life expectancy in a way that doubles the amount of your retirement income. By leveraging the tax savings of the most advantageous tax code sections, your retirement wealth can be increased by "2X" or even more over your life expectancy!

Tax-leveraged Retirement Investing

We are real estate and retirement tax CPAs that understand Cap rates, Net Operating Income (NOI), and Debt-leveraged real estate investments. We also understand how to structure, account, and report for Self-directed retirement funds invested in real estate assets in ways that provide our clients with tools to turn income into assets that can increase in value and generate even more income. Now you too, have an advantage, a HUGE Unfair Advantage, as you seek to create, maintain and grow wealth for your family.

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"'Gettin' by don't mean you're living".

From Neil Diamond's hit song, Nothing But a Heartache.

Lifestyle choices available to retirees are directly limited by the level of savings at the time of retirement. Much more than just simple math, the reality is that a successful planning strategy must be based on (1) a sufficient level of assets that are capable of generating income, (2) at an acceptable frequency, and (3) at a high enough level to sustain your specific lifestyle choices.

Forget the emotional, "one-size-fits all", "liquidate your retirement funds now" and "we will retire you in 5 years or less" HYPE that applies to few, if any, "Passive Investors". We will show you the MATH that reflects why it's unlikely you even come close to retiring in 5 years IF you give away up to 50% of your net worth for the Federal & State taxes and/or premature distribution penalty that will be due before you ever get started.

"To save a million dollars, you have to earn a million dollars."

(Steve Davis, Host, Get Real Wealth Dot Com radio show, real estate investor & mentor.)

There is a better, tax-optimized way to save, we will show you how to use 100% of your current retirement funds to build wealth. Our INVESTOR MATH Series addresses the unemotional "MATH" that tackles the issues of "when", "how much" and for "how long" based on your specific level of resources and retirement objectives.